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Orange You A Heel

This is a purely practical post, people. I need recommendations for some kind of glue strong enough for shoes, and especially heels. Above are a pair of vintage ’60s shoes with lucite heels that are in serious danger. I took them to a local shoe repair shop, hoping they had adhesives stronger than what I had at home (both Shoe Goo and Superglue), but the heels fell apart pretty much immediately upon standing. This is why I usually save my boots and shoes in need of care for trips to Oakland, but the pairs are piling up. I have another vintage pair of cut-out leather sandals that are escaping from their soles! Straps on some red silk and wooden wedges have come undone! What now? Do I need to go toward an industrial-strength epoxy? Or is my years-old tube of Shoe Goo simply in need of replacement?