VIDEO: “Raina Lee Vs. Infinite Garage”

Korean American cartoonist Derek Kirk Kim has made a mini-documentary about writer Raina Lee and her Infinite Garage Project! As I mentioned previously, Lee offers a snapshot of a world of histories that are both materially accessible but perhaps also cosmologically impossible — she cannot know, that is, what each item in her parents’ numerous collections might have meant to them. As she documents an ever-expanding network of found objects and attached feelings, I am perhaps most struck by the clothes that once were worn and warmed by her mother’s body, and into which Lee breathes new life (a “then” and “now” pictured in some of the entries under “Fashion Friday”).




3 responses to “VIDEO: “Raina Lee Vs. Infinite Garage”

  1. i love this short movie. i also love derek kirk kim.

  2. I LOVE THIS. I just finished a discourse analysis of Hoarders with a lit review that included Peter Stallybrass’ “Worn Worlds: Clothes, Mourning, and the Life of Things” and “Marx’s Coat”… this is the perfect happy cinematic blending of the two without pathologizing hoarders. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I really love this. Maybe because this is going on in my parents garage right now.

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