Good Morning, San Francisco!

This has been many, many months in the making but we’re thrilled to announce that Threadbared is on this morning’s front page of the San Francisco Chronicle‘s Style section! Many thanks to Beth Hughes for a lovely write-up, which includes – by the way – the story about how Mimi and I first met and our many (possible) missed connections.

For those of you outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, check out the story here. For those of you who are new to Threadbared, welcome! Check out our ABOUT US for links to some of our favorite posts.




9 responses to “Good Morning, San Francisco!

  1. congrats, ladies! your blog is truly an inspiration and something the blog world should see more often! xo

  2. Thrilled to see Threadbared featured in the Chronicle! Congratulations.

  3. congrats! Am delighted to make your acquaintance via sfgate – looking forward to cruising your blog.

  4. Absolutely thrilled to find the intersections of fashion, race, class, religion and more being explored here!

  5. cat

    i am so excited about going through this blog. i also love my worlds colliding because mimi nguyen wrote some of my favorite stuff on punk and race and queerness.

  6. Chris

    I read about this site in the Chron. today,and had to check it out. Very interesting,and I look forward to exploring it more!

  7. yay – this is so awesome! congrats you guys and i’m so happy i found your blog – it’s truly a breath of fresh air in the style/culture blogosphere 🙂

  8. Well deserved! So glad this incredible is getting this great coverage.