Chicago Zine Fest: “Archiving the Underground”

Flyer reading "Archiving the Underground" about zines in the academy, announcing a workshop at the 2011 Chicago Zine Fest.

This academic year has been busier than usual for me (as you may have noticed from the dearth of posts from me, either here or on our Facebook), but I am happy to take the time to attend Chicago Zine Fest this weekend, speaking on the panel, “Archiving the Underground: A Discussion on Zines in Academia,” Saturday afternoon. I’m not entirely sure what I have to say about the myriad issues at hand, besides that it is still odd for me to read scholarship about my creative works, but it should be a fascinating conversation nonetheless. If you happen to be in attendance, do introduce yourself!




3 responses to “Chicago Zine Fest: “Archiving the Underground”

  1. i already really love this blog but knowing you’re going to this and speaking makes you 100x more amazing. see you there

  2. This sounds like so much fun! As someone who used to write a riot grrrl zine, I would especially love to be there.

  3. i went to the zine fest and missed this lecture, unfortunately! still, the fest was fantastic and it was great to be surrounded by so many ideas in print.

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