WSJ Blogger Interviews BryanBoy

Illustration by Moises Quesada

I don’t follow BryanBoy’s blog regularly and while I have mentioned him on this blog and in my academic work more than a few times, he’s never been a focus of mine. Of the celebrity-citizen fashion bloggers, I’ve mostly focused on Tavi Gevinson and Susie Bubble (in fact, I just wrote an article examining the cultural economy of her digital stardom titled, “‘Susie Bubble is a Sign of the Times’: The Embodiment of Success in the Web 2.0 Economy”). But this interview with Bryan Grey-Yambao a.k.a. BryanBoy by Wall Street Journal blogger Cathy Yan is full of choice quotes:

The blog became bigger and bigger. My mom would joke with me: “My God, Bryan, your life is a stream of 15 minutes.”

There are more and more Asians in fashion, and I see Asians in the front row of fashion shows. For me its truly an honor. There’s definitely a group of important new designers that all happen to be Asian [such as Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim, Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung]. I call them the “Gaysian Fashion Mafia.” (I don’t think Grey-Yambao meant to imply that he coined the term “Gaysian” which has been around longer than his blog. Also, I bet he’d be interested in The Beautiful Generation even if Tu doesn’t discuss sexuality.)

For me, China is the future. . .Where the money is, the power is. Whether we like it or not, the money is now in China. Fashion houses will definitely have to cater to over a billion people. (This is a point I discuss in the “‘Susie Bubble is a Sign of the Times'” article. Zomg! I wish the academic publishing cycle wasn’t so slow!)


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3 responses to “WSJ Blogger Interviews BryanBoy

  1. when will we be able to read the article?

  2. I look forward to reading your article!

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