Daily Archives: January 4, 2011

Cornel West on Clothing + Style

I just posted a link to these videos on our Facebook wall but they’re so good that I’m posting to the blog as well. A couple of caveats: (1) The camera work is dizzying and not in a good way but it doesn’t take anything away from West himself. (2) West doesn’t actually say anything too deep about clothing and style as such YET his thoughtfulness about his own sartorial practices (he admits to a limited sartorial imagination) is what I love.

This inspires me to revisit an idea Mimi and I had long ago to profile some of our favorite dandies, fops, and sartorial mavens in and nearby academia. The cliche that smarts and sartoria, substance and style, don’t coexist is one that academics themselves sometimes reproduce but also does not jibe with my reality at all. Truly, some of the most intellectually exciting people I know are also the most thoughtful dressers and sartorial adventure-seekers I know. To these fashion mavens – and you know who you are – we are coming after you for a style profile!


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