Small Janelle (For Minh-Ha)

A very young black girl dressed up as Janelle Monae for Halloween.

(via The Incoherent Mumblings of a Mexican Genderqueer)

I wish this little girl had come to trick-or-treat at my door. I would have given her all my candy.



8 responses to “Small Janelle (For Minh-Ha)

  1. !! And I would have gone out to buy her MORE candy!!

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  3. BEST COSTUME EVER. Wonder if she can moonwalk?

  4. I saw this on twitter and fell in LOVE!

  5. I miss Threadbared! I hope the manuscripts are working out well.

    • thanks, Kassandra – i miss it too! we’ll resume more frequent postings as soooooon as we can. (ps. if you haven’t already “liked” us on FB, please do, we’ve been doing a little bit of micro-blogging there!)

  6. Oh. My God. This is the best Halloween costume on a child ever!!!

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