Punk Rock Pearls

A handful of earrings that feature concrete "pearls" on sterling silver posts.

(Cement earrings by Metsa via I’m REVOLTING)

For pearls, I choose concrete! These studs would totally go with what I call my Daggers uniform –torn black low-top Vans, also-torn black jeans, big black tee, and acid-washed black denim vest– in homage to the punk rock skate gang from that 1986 classic Thrashin‘.




6 responses to “Punk Rock Pearls

  1. Vita

    Sorry to be pedantic here, but ‘concrete’ is the hardened form of ‘cement’, which is the powdered, un-catalyzed ingredients of ‘concrete’. They are not interchangeable.

  2. Lauren Jade

    Mimi, when I saw the title of this post, I totally thought it was going to be about the current wave of riot grrrl nostalgia–and a reminiscence about our mid-90s propensity to wear ball-bearing necklaces (a.k.a. riot grrrl pearls or dyke pearls).

    But I agree, these concrete pearls are hot.

  3. Wow – these cement earrings are really different.

    I like ’em!

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