EVENT: “Look Around: A Fashion Crawl & Trunk Show,” October 2, San Francisco

Art by Jaime Hernandez, though I don't know what issue of Love & Rockets this is from!

My much-mentioned best friend Iraya Robles, underground stylist and multimedia artist provocateur, is presenting (with the new vintage project Soulful Dress) a fabulous event tomorrow in the Mission District of San Francisco as part of a gallery-based exhibit. I’m hoping to get some additional insight from Iraya about the Fashion Crawl & Trunk Show, including its genesis and how the Mission as a neighborhood with its deep histories for people of color and queer persons figures into her own “mission” (ha ha) for the event, soon!

Spend the afternoon experiencing the incredible stylings of local designers, artists, performers, vintage retailers, foodcarts and much, much more….


“Look Around” is a part of the Celebrate! San Francisco exhibition at Mission Cultural Center (see below). “Look Around” is an outdoor/indoor event taking place within a three-block radius of 24th and Mission, at different surprise neighborhood locations. Meet in front of Mission Cultural Center 10 to 15 minutes early to pick up your limited edition map/zine with program. Departs at 1pm!

Fashion Crawl from 1-2:30 PM, with Trunk  Show and Reception to follow in Mission Cultural Center Gallery until 5pm.

Zine: $5-20 donation. Crawl & Trunk Show: FREE!!!

Presented by Soulful Dress and Iraya Robles




2 responses to “EVENT: “Look Around: A Fashion Crawl & Trunk Show,” October 2, San Francisco

  1. where is that image from! i want to read the whole comic/cartoon, it looks really interesting.

    also stop posting about events in san francisco; it keeps making me want to move there!

    • Yeah, I forgot to add the caption (as well as the image description) when I posted this last Friday — I had been waiting for some interview answers from Iraya Robles, and when they didn’t come in (of course she was too busy organizing the event!) I had to throw this post together at the last minute before taking my daily leave of the Internetz.

      It’s Jaime Hernandez, and the long-running comic book he writes and draws is called Love & Rockets. I’m not sure what issue this panel hails from, however!

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