The “Blogging Muumuu” is Genius

Jezebel somewhat cheekily calls FLOTUS’ garb the “blogging muumuu” – and I couldn’t agree more! I could write for days in that thing!

I don’t know why so many photos of bloggers show them perched at their laptops decked out in skinny jeans and spiky shooties. How does anyone write like that? My own writing posture involves either sitting at a desk, with one foot on the chair and the other outstretched under the table or sitting on a bed, under the covers, with the computer on my lap. Big dresses, soft cotton rompers, and yes, at times, flexible waistbands (as in my sister’s scrubs) are all that this blogger wears to write.  You?



5 responses to “The “Blogging Muumuu” is Genius

  1. Haha, so true! I know for one I NEVER wear shoes when I’m writing- something tells me lots of those bloggers make a quick dash (er, gingerly amble) to the tripod, then kick those spiky heels off at post time.

  2. Excellent point about blogging garb. Let’s get real about the likelihood of skinny jeans in this equation. Though, the new ponte pants… that’s a possibility.

  3. Roy

    An enormous yellow tank top that belonged to my enormous dad and a pair of very flowy black fleece yoga pantsohmygodthisismyfavoritetopicever.

  4. Terri

    This time of year it is shorts and tee, with possibly some flip-flops stirring somewhere under the table.

  5. underpants, mostly, if even that. 8×8 room with no AC and a porthole of a window on a fourth floor walkup railroad in brooklyn, WHAT WHAT. also, desk? i don’t even have one of those.