Laundry Day

The findings of a University of Arizona study about the cleanliness of reusable canvas shopping bags has been circulating online for awhile but it’s worth repeating. Basically, researchers tested shopping bags in Tucson, Los Angeles, and San Francisco and found that:

More than half contained potentially harmful bacteria—more than 12% of the bags contained e. coli.

Don’t forget to wash your canvas shopping bags – and don’t forget to bring them with you when you’re out shopping (for food or fashion)!




5 responses to “Laundry Day

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    Without diminishing the conclusion that one should wash their canvas bag, I feel that it is worth noting (since the authors of this blog seem to like political economy) that this study was funded by the American Chemistry Council who have an interest in ensuring the continuing use of plastic and plastic bags.

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing that. Equally important is that first comment and I’m sure that’s the motivating factor for this recent study. Plastic bags are gnarly and I’m proud that my state felt the same way.

    On a sillier note, I have that Anya Hindmarch bag. Asael and I waited about an 1 hour in line to get it. We both bought 2. I kept mine but he sold both of his on ebay for over $100 – they retailed for like $15. Hilarious!