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Threadbared in Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies

Sometime last year, the folks at Academichic alerted us to an open query about fashion, dress, and feminism from Eileen Boris, Professor and Chair of the Department of Feminist Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Boris asks,

Do clothes make the woman? What is your personal relationship to clothing? What constitutes feminist positions on clothing? Why is it that when we talk about women in public—especially notable women—we engage in the politics of appearance? Why did we talk about Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits and Sarah Palin’s designer clothes in the last election?

Portions of our responses (along with many others) have been published in the “Feminist Currents” section of the recent issue of Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies 31.1 (2010). We’re delighted, too, that Boris gives Threadbared high props!

A link to the Frontiers article is below as well as screen grabs from sections of the article in which we appear. Also, if you haven’t read the original Threadbared posts from which Boris cites, see “Mind over Malls or, Does Academia Hate Fashion?” here and  Mimi’s “You Say You Want a Revolution (In a Loose Headscarf)” here.

Do Clothes Make the Woman?