Thai-Cong’s MY PARENTS: An Homage to Fashion, Photography, and Life

German Vietnamese stylist and interior designer Thai-Cong Quach’s My Parents (2002) is a collection of portraits of his mother and father, Lang Leona Le (57) and Huu Thanh Quach (93). Each portrait is a collaboration between the son as stylist, the parents as models-actors, and a different photographer and designer’s clothes — Jil Sander, Versace, Givenchy, Yohji Yamamoto, Vivienne Westwood, Burberry, Ungaro, Joop!, Dries Van Noten, and more. (Each portrait’s making is also archived in a series of snapshots and anecdotes in the index). I may try to write more about these portraits, about how some bodies (elderly, Asian immigrant, Vietnamese refugee) breathe life into clothes in new and marvellous ways, but for now I’m moved to unexpected tears.

The cover of Thai-Cong's My Parents: An Homage to Fashion, Photography, and Life. His parents wear gold and camel Gucci, facing each other and holding hands tenderly.Thai-Cong's mother and father hold hands as they walk through a park. Black and white photograph, both in Yohji Yamamoto.Thai-Cong's father sits and his mother leans over him. Both are in bright Versace clothes.


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5 responses to “Thai-Cong’s MY PARENTS: An Homage to Fashion, Photography, and Life

  1. What a gorgeous book. Thank-you for the recommendation. ‘Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts on same, should you decide to write more.

  2. this is really, really beautiful — and as you said a great example of how non-white-16-year-old-ectomorphs can lend a new depth of meaning to clothing and fashion photography.

  3. I love this.
    I want to do this with my beautiful parents!

  4. Beautiful and just the injection of vitality, reality and diversity that mainstream fashion needs. I just ordered this on Amazon and cannot wait for it to get here. Thanks for highlighting it.

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