Daily Archives: June 9, 2010

Notable (and Not So Notable) Quotables

I haven’t had the time to write a proper blog post lately – spending my hours, as I’ve been, wrestling with an unruly Introduction chapter – but I did want to share these two quotes with you. The first, I love. The second, not so much.

The beloved quote comes from Jenna at Jezebel:

I guess I can now exclusively reveal that not only was I not among the bloggers asked to vote on the CFDA Awards, nobody at Jezebel even rated an invitation. But such is the epic struggle for meaning when you write for a little blog with an audience bigger than Vogue‘s.

I absolutely love the sass here. I love that Jezebel’s audience is bigger than Vogue’s (not surprising but still somehow surprising). And I love that Jenna is calling out the fashion stalwarts of the CFDA and of Vogue who didn’t invite anyone from Jezebel because – as I read it – they know Jezebel is a threat to the fashion establishment. And indeed, all smart, analytical, and feisty women are threats to the Establishment . . . and that’s the way we like it.

The other quote comes from Ce Ce Chin of the shoe label 80%20. When asked, “What trends are you ready to see retired?” Chin responds thusly:

I think it’s really chic to have no tattoos.

Chin also links tattoos and piercing to Ed Hardy shirts which only adds to my crankiness about this quote.

I’m not taking this personally. I’m really not. Yes, I have tattoos. Yes, I’ve publicly declared (on our Facebook wall**) my abhorrence for Ed Hardy shirts, hoodies, etc. (as well as Uggs, especially when worn in the summer but really all seasons). What I find irritating about this quote is Chin’s perspective (shared by far too many) that tattoos are a trend. And it is precisely this perspective that leads to the dreaded “trendy tattoo.”

I want to be clear – I don’t care if you have tattoos or not. Get them, don’t get them. Whatever. It’s Chin’s linking tattoos to Ed Hardy and her characterization of them as a trend (like Ed Hardy) that makes me cranky.

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