Commitments to Collaborations, or The Week That Was Awesome (Thanks to You)

Image by Cristy Road (

In some ways Threadbared often feels more tangible to us than our “real” publications, which tend to involve long stretches of isolation (writing, writing, writing) and prolonged periods of anticipation (waiting, waiting, waiting). So the sorts of collaboration we pursue in this space, and the forms of immediacy it affords us, are part of our efforts to “think otherwise,” as feminist scholars committed to social justice as well as cultural critique.

Nothing we’ve done so far, however, has approached the awesomeness that occurred in the last week. In an incredible chain of collaboration and support, I sent Alana a note asking if she might be interested in expanding upon some of her thoughts on wearable technologies and “cyborg” fashions, mentioned just briefly in a comment she made to the information studies blog Arcades Collaborative; Alana subsequently composed for us a brilliant and nuanced essay prompted by her initial encounter with Jessica Floeh’s designs for a line of insulin pump accessories called Hanky Pancreas; and Jezebel’s Jenna loved this essay, and agreed to syndicate it for a much broader audience than we get here. The Jezebel comments to Alana’s essay and Jessica’s designs are thoughtful, heartfelt, and otherwise truly moving, and well worth reading through. And thanks to the enormously huge platform that is Jezebel, and the crowd-sourcing powers of the internets, Hanky Pancreas is now the most e-mailed post on Coco Perez, and receiving love and much-deserved attention from far-flung quarters.

Today, we feel pretty good about Threadbared, but more importantly, about our commitment to collaboration as both an intellectual and political mode of being in the world. As Alana said in a message to me, “Amazing when words come to matter in these real, clear ways and we get to watch it happen.” So thank you to all our readers and interlocutors — together, we made The Week That Was Awesome.



2 responses to “Commitments to Collaborations, or The Week That Was Awesome (Thanks to You)

  1. You are all magical creatures. Thank you beyond words. I’m so excited to see where this goes.

    I wish you more weeks that are awesome, I have no doubt they are coming for you.

    : )


  2. Horah! And you know, if it hadn’t been for Jez republishing one of my posts, I would never have found Threadbared. I really heart this blog in a massively dorky way.

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