Orange You A Heel

This is a purely practical post, people. I need recommendations for some kind of glue strong enough for shoes, and especially heels. Above are a pair of vintage ’60s shoes with lucite heels that are in serious danger. I took them to a local shoe repair shop, hoping they had adhesives stronger than what I had at home (both Shoe Goo and Superglue), but the heels fell apart pretty much immediately upon standing. This is why I usually save my boots and shoes in need of care for trips to Oakland, but the pairs are piling up. I have another vintage pair of cut-out leather sandals that are escaping from their soles! Straps on some red silk and wooden wedges have come undone! What now? Do I need to go toward an industrial-strength epoxy? Or is my years-old tube of Shoe Goo simply in need of replacement?




5 responses to “Orange You A Heel

  1. Ari L.

    Superglue is noteworthy for being fast-drying, not for lasting strength — it’s really very brittle. From the uses on Shoe Goo’s website, it sounds like it bonds fastest to porous materials and needs a lot of time to cure on plastic. Epoxy would be best for the lucite heels, especially if you can use a 5 or 10-minute epoxy and set up the shoes so the heels can dry fully with no weight on them. Also, wear gloves, since epoxy is a skin irritant.

  2. lisa

    Gorilla Glue. Fur realz.

  3. Mimi, you might want to try roughing up the lucite surface with some sandpaper before applying the Epoxy–it may help the adhesive bond a bit.

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