Time Travel Through A Magic Box with the Fake Sartorialist

The Fake Sartorialist put Minh-Ha and I into his Magic Box and voila — we are Fake Sartorialized, complete with a small story about our time-traveling research forays! Minh-Ha of course wrote about the dust-up between the Sartorialist and the Fake Sartorialist some weeks ago (as she brilliantly points out, “the ‘fake’ in the Fake Sartorialist stands for ‘the little guy’ against the cultural and social giants that the Sartorialist aligns himself with and represents. Fakeness sets right and secures the democratic socioeconomic relations the Internet is supposed to foment”). Having enjoyed his work, I jumped at the chance to be rendered otherwise when I noticed that he’s inviting submissions. (You can send a photograph to get transformed too!)

I’m sure Minh-Ha will have smart things to say about the “democraticization of fashion” here (gushing on the phone about the story’s setting –hanging out with Alexander Graham Bell– Minh-Ha says, “It’s great that we’re hanging out with someone who invented a communication technology!”), but I’m still at the “Yippeee!” phase (in real life I would totally wear that outfit, with the brocade and the tweed and the mushroom-turned-inside-out hat all at once).  Thank you, Eduardo!




3 responses to “Time Travel Through A Magic Box with the Fake Sartorialist

  1. This might be my favorite picture of us – from Mimi’s mushroom cap to my strong shoulders to the hard copy version (another fake??) of our digital blog in Mimi’s hands!
    An excellent example of the value of fakeness since I prefer this fake picture and its fake story over the original one! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  2. I’m so glad you like it!
    And glad to see you caught the detail of the blog in Mimi’s hands.

    The real question is where are you off to next in your time travels 🙂

  3. Not much to say here (I’ve still been stuck in permanent eyeroll phase over all the hullabaloo over how offended the REAL sartorialist, yada yada yada) but this is great!

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