Wired for the Weekend: Become the Machine

I can barely see because allergies are destroying my eyes, damn these industrial agro-business corn and soybean fields. My life would be so much more improved right now if I were made of machine parts.

Spokane’s Sweet Madness in a music video for their incredibly catchy 1980 song “Mechanical Things.”

The Scissor Girls, lip-syncing their song “Oscillator” on the Chicago cable access show Chic-A-Go-Go in 1996.

Oakland’s post-punk trio Numbers, live at Liminal Arts in 2004.



3 responses to “Wired for the Weekend: Become the Machine

  1. For your allergies: try local honey, if you can find it. I swear to you that it works.

  2. Does local honey build up my resistance to the local pollen and whatnot? I’ve been taking organic apple cider vinegar with honey, but maybe local honey would be the magic key!

    • Supposedly. You should definitely try it. My husband has terrible allergies but we’ve had nothing for it besides local honey all week and he’s hardly even so much as sneezed.

      I hope it works for you, too!

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