Required Reading?

Our foray into the Sassy magazine vault last weekend provoked much Sassy love and memories from our readers, including Jenna at Jezebel. Also, in an uncanny moment of blog kismet, I discovered that Tavi Gevinson was also waxing rhapsodic for Sassy the same day I posted “Dopey Fashion Poses”! (I almost wrote, waxing nostalgic but as Dodai reminds, “Tavi was born in 1997; Sassy ceased publication in 1995.”)

Maybe Tavi saw our post? Or maybe there’s a Sassy force building energy in the universe?  I don’t know. But it got me thinking about the power of really good magazines and how I’ve been missing that for far too long. Last week, I had to discontinue my subscriptions to Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle – because enough’s enough. I’m so tired of flipping through magazines just because they land in my mailbox and tossing them into the recycle bin 30 minutes later. I’m keeping Teen Vogue (for now) and New York magazine (what would I do without the approval matrix?). But I’m in need of new reading materials with a fashion, style, and/or design focus!

The much-hyped Gentlewoman magazine (the sister magazine to Fantastic Man) finally arrived in the U.S. after 6 months of anticipation among bloggers, editors, and other fashion enthusiasts. While I’m still not sure I’d buy it (much less shell out the overseas subscription cost), like so many others, I do want a flick-through.

But what else to read?? What print/online magazines do you love? And why?

By the way, for those still pining over Sassy – I discovered that you can buy Kara Jesella and Marisa Meltzer’s book, How Sassy Changed My Life: A Love Letter to the Greatest Teen Magazine of All Time, on Amazon for about $3. Also, listen to this NPR interview with Jesella and Meltzer.



5 responses to “Required Reading?

  1. I don’t know about magazines, but I think you’d like Tomorrow Museum:

  2. If the magazine’s cover is in any way reflective of what’s inside, then I’m absolutely thrilled. I used to spend way too much on magazines that I didn’t totally love. I also once had subscriptions to the ones you mentioned and a few more, and I’m done. Don’t even get me started on Vanity Fair.

    I’m a big fan of Lurve magazine. I just got their Spring/Summer issue in the mail and I just love it. Check it out!

    • other ugh-factor magazines, in addition to VF: Lucky (could the outfits BE more boring??), Nylon (and the white skinny girl utopia they valorize), and Marie Claire (MC tries to be consciousness-raising but always misses the mark for me). Thanks for the tip on Lurve – will check it out immediately!

  3. Mel

    Sassy feels like some communally imagined fantasy to me. Being Australian I’ve never seen a copy and the first time I even heard of it was in an ethnography of teenage girls by Angela McRobbie or someone like her.

    (I’m sorry to say this, but I tend to regard academic publication as the final moment in the cultural trend cycle; once something has been analysed by someone at a university and gone through the whole peer-review and publication sausage-factory, it seems completely inert to me, a product of history rather than a dynamic piece of culture.)

  4. Eleanor

    One of the only magazines (I believe) worth reading these days is RUSSH, from Australia.
    Each new issue gets me excited about fashion all over again

    … are there many other RUSSH lovers out there?