Abercrombie & Fitch Blacklisted

As if we needed another reason to boycott Abercrombie & Fitch, Corporate Responsibility Magazine names A&F on its blacklist of “corporate villains.” According to this New York Times article, “To compile both its ‘best’ and its ‘worst’ list, the magazine scored companies from the Russell 1000 index of large-capitalization stocks on 349 data points in categories like financial, governance and human rights.” When Dirk Olin, editor in chief of the magazine, contacted the blacklisted companies for a comment, they declined. No surprise there.

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  1. Chicago

    This is happy news to me. I do hope A&F goes out of business–like, NOW. Ever since the article several years back in the Chicago Sun-Times with a snapshot of their “two wongs can make it white” mess of a t-shirt, I’ve made sure no one I know shops at their nasty stores. I even enlarged the article to poster-size and pasted it to my college apartment wall.

    Every time I walk by one of their stores, I say it smells like douchebag. I never shopped at the store even before the high-profile news stories about the company’s blatant sexism and racism, because their company branding screamed “We only welcome scantily clad, wealthy, White Americans.”

    A&F are disgusting. Makes me sad when I see minority youth donning their poorly designed gear. Is the VP of the company, Diane Chang, Asian? If so, that is also quite tragic.