“Dopey Fashion Poses”

We’re not in the habit of posting on the weekends but this seems so perfectly suited for slow lazy Sunday perusing. I don’t doubt that many of you will remember this classic spread from the archives of Sassy magazine, which by the way was the first magazine subscription I was allowed to have.

Here’s Lucky magazine’s current Creative Director Andrea Linett doing “Dopey Fashion Poses.” My favorite, then and now, is “the menstrual cramp” or what I like to call “PMS chic”!




8 responses to ““Dopey Fashion Poses”

  1. Eliza

    I was too young for Sassy, according to my parents, which turned out fine because I received a subscription to Blue Jean magazine instead. Not so much fashion, more creative writing and crafts. Does anyone else remember it?

  2. Kylenne

    Hilarious! God I miss Sassy. It was just the thing for my teenaged Daria self.

  3. I know that when I am having pain during that Special Time of The Month, I like to wear black leather jeans and a crop top too. So relatable.

  4. My favorite pose was in another “Dopey Fashion Poses” spread: the “I bwoke my ankle on the tweeter tooter.” The model had on one of those black “kinderwhore” dresses with a white collar and a stuffed animal backpack and was shot from above with her legs splayed out behind her and a woeful expression. I miss Sassy! I only managed to get a subscription to them just before they turned into that crappy magazine Teen or something. I wish they’d archive them online!

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  7. Ha! I had this torn out of Sassy and on a bulletin board in my room for years!

  8. i like this photo
    is good!