Daily Archives: January 16, 2010

Emergency Alert: Haiti

Consider checking out some of these progressive links on the Haitian earthquake, including social justice and aid organizations, smart political and historical analyses of Haiti’s situation in particular and on the disturbing concept of “natural disaster” in general (e.g., the devastation of Hurricane Katrina was both “natural” but also racial-historical).

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Red Suede Love

What I might love most about thrifting is the fortuitous find — that thing that you weren’t looking for or that you had never even imagined existed, but upon stumbling across it on a rack filled with duller possibilities, fills you with pure awe and wonder. Witness these heart-themed red suede lederhosen shorts with white suede piping and pockets, made to be worn with suspenders (which are tragically missing). I found these shopping with Yutian at the Buffalo Exchange on Haight Street for five dollars, marked down by half because apparently no one else wanted them. That someone somewhere thought to make a sexy Bavarian milkmaid pair of love-lorn lederhosen shorts for some no doubt momentous occasion — a Miss Oktoberfest competition, perhaps? these are no hastily hand-sewn, cheaply-manufactured Halloween costume, I tell you!– and that this someone would match my own measurements so perfectly, suggests to me some cosmic alignment that I could hardly ignore just because these shorts are wholly impractical and wildly inappropriate to my daily life. Such random chance and bizarre fortune appeals to me.

The other amazing thing is that I already own a pair of suede lederhosen knee-breeches, though I had forgotten about them until now.

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