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LINKAGE: Links a la Mode (August 6)

Feminine Mystique

Edited by Debutante Clothing
The caliber of blog posts amongst the IFB members never ceases to amaze me. We run the gamut of style and fashion here. This week’s picks definitely appeal to the dueling femmes in me – the old fashioned gal and the powerful feminist. The debutante in me loved all the lovely posts about pearls including modern choices from Fashion Hippo, as well as the history of Mikimoto pearls by Fabulous Finds Gal. But nothing makes me clutch my pearls more than affordable Chanel looks by HiFashion. The feminist in me was thrilled to see smart posts about smart girls and smart fashion. Threadbared talks about academia and fashion, while 39th and Broadway explores the continuing inequality even within such a female driven industry like fashion. Enjoy!

Links à la Mode : August 6th

39th and Broadway: – Women are the backbone of the fashion industry, yet inequality reins supreme<
A Few Goody Gumdrops: – lets out her inner rockstar with Alexander McQueen’s Skull Knuckle Duster Whipsnake Clutch in Red! To-Die-For!
A typical Atypical: – The Phenomena of “The Sale”
Debutante Clothing: – contributes back to school style for “Hot for Teacher” at Style Sample Magazine
Dramatis Personae: – reviews the B&Lu Femme Dress.
Fabulous Finds and Co. – Mikimoto Pearls – The Story Behind The Cadillac Of Pearls.
Fashion Hippo: – Modern Pearl Necklaces that aren’t your grandma’s pearls
Fashion Talk by Lovely Lovisa: – I am the Resurrection
fête à fête: – Get plumper lips with Givenchy Le Makeup’s new Gloss Interdit collection. Also, lip gloss giveaway to three lucky readers!
Hi Fashion – Coco avant Chanel – how to get the Chanel look for less
Individual Chic: – What makes a good ballet flat
Retro Chick: – Iconic British Union Jack style.
The Capitol Fashionista – Arise Magazine – the magazine that keeps you informed about what’s happening in Africa and around the globe.
The Coveted: – Review of the New Bobbi Brown Nude Collection with Video Tutorial
The Demoiselles: – Elle gets bombarded with subversive, negative advertising by Estee Lauder, and decides to take action.
The Fashion Planner: – shows you how to build your back to school wardrobe<
The Recessionista: – Happy 80th to Jackie and Mad Men’s Casting Call for that 60’s look
Threadbared: – Pondering the mutual near-exclusivity of academic fashion studies and style blogs
Unfunded: – unveils Creative Recreation’s new women’s line.
Work Chic: – get 10% off Fit in Clouds foldable flats


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3 AM and 3,000 More to Go

I’m making revisions to a paper on the biopower of beauty at 3 a.m., but I have about 3,000 more words to cut to meet the word count. Clearly, it’s time for my most random post yet.

This is me at my brother’s wedding in San Diego this last April. Because he knows me well enough to recognize (and forgive) that I might be a teensy bit bored, he gave me his camera for the night. I dutifully spent four hours just like this, snapping photographs. I like this picture because it pretty much captures how I interacted with the event (highly mediated and mostly speechless), and how, at 35, I still make sartorial decisions based on twenty-year old punk aesthetics. (Disregarding the two ponytails.) The vaguely piratical striped dress is Ben Sherman, purchased during a whirlwind Soho shopping excursion with Minh-Ha and my girlfriend right when all the deep discounts hit the stores, post-crash. Wearing it with knee-high, buckled black leather flat boots, I felt like an saucy extra in a low-budget Adam Ant music video.

In case of a chill, I had also brought to the seaside restaurant the black cardigan sweater hanging on the back of my chair. An otherwise unremarkable piece from one of Urban Outfitter’s seemingly endless designer collaborations, I bought this sweater because, and this is completely, totally true, the name “NOTHING SACRED” reminded me of the old anarchist slogan, “NO GODS, NO MASTERS” (immortalized in song by Amebix) and the stenciled, all-caps font on the label reminded me of my languishing CRASS records — though I still will listen to my Penis Envy LP once a year, just on principle. Instantly charmed by these details, my recently bourgeois self made a completely unnecessary purchase on a whim, a wave of black-bloc nostalgia for my wayward youth.

Still, I think 19 year-old anarcha-feminist punk rock me would approve of this outfit.

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