Fashion Sprung

It’s a phenomenon I’ve looked forward to every year since moving to New York City – as soon as the mercury bops above freezing, the city begins to shed its winter layers. Puffy coats and scarves are still de rigeur but gone are the attendant sweaters and tights. Exposed flesh becomes a real possibility again! And Spring Fashion Week and the Spring Fashion issues of every magazine seems to herald this possibility – while I’m steadily stressed with all the book chapters, journal articles, and yes, blog posts that I should be writing, that I wish were already written, I’ve become distracted recently by everything Spring.

Once I figure out the cost-per-wear, a sartorial-economic practice I inherited from my coupon-clipping immigrant mother way before Harper’s Bazaar popularized the concept of the “recessionista,” I want to live in this McQ by Alexander McQueen tux jumpsuit and these Belle by Sigerson Morrison open-toe booties with the recessed wedge. This outfit is everything I want to be this Spring . . . oh this, and the Preen pantsuit, that is.


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