Letter to the Editor

Checking Make Fetch Happen, I remembered that I also wanted to note that the latest issue of NYLON (featuring the totally tedious Mischa Barton on the cover) did contain one high note, a letter to the editor:

Dear Nylon,

Your ass history piece in the April issue is fucking laughable. You can give props to Applebottom Jeans all you want; the only ladies of color in the magazine were in the street fashion spread.

Olivia – Urbana, IL

Ha ha ha ha! And, as one of the commentators at Make Fetch Happen notes, “I think its pretty telling that they reference black culture as ironic, but ignore us in the pages.” More on this observation at a later date, hopefully.



2 responses to “Letter to the Editor

  1. I saw that too and found myself nodding vigorously in agreement. I love Nylon but I think as a white woman I tend to sometimes be obvlious to their very narrow aesthetic. It’s ridiculous. Bring us some beautiful, diverse-looking women, Nylon! White, skinny, ironically-dressed models are not the only ones who can have style and intelligence to burn.

  2. Nylon wouldn’t be Nylon if it wasn’t appropriating hip hop for cool points and glorifying all things white, skinny and blond.

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