Daily Archives: June 20, 2008

LINKAGE: Racialicious

I only recently discovered Racialicious, a whip-smart blog about he intersection of race and popular culture, and wanted to link some of their posts on fashion.

A Case for Hipsters (of Color) suggests that the whitewashing of the hipster figure loses a history of people of color in experimental or avant-garde scenes.

The Stereotype of the Middle Eastern Label Whore tackles the portrayal of Middle Eastern women as lacking taste, style, or any rational ability to discern the two.

Another look at Muslim women in fashion news that deconstructs the desire to see what might lie “beneath the veil” (especially if it’s sexy).

Ghetto Chic, to Wear or Not to Wear examines the popularization of certain items of ghetto chic (e.g., door-knockers, nameplate necklaces) and the loss of their historical significance in the process.

Liya Kebede’s Vogue editorial set in Mali sparks some important questions about shoots that feature “exotic” locations and locals.

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