Ring My Bell

Fashion is nothing if it’s not forward thinking—and you can tell that because even though it’s 90 degrees outside and psychrometers and too many bad hair days show there is more than an uncomfortable amount of humidity in the air, the Fall lines are hitting the stores!

To get in the spirit, I just bought this gorgeous Walter bell-sleeved trench coat! Trench coats are timeless and I swore I’d finally get one this year. As I was ransacking online stores, auctions, and catalogs—I found this one in gray (a wonderful but still neutral alternative to black). The special detailing of the bell-sleeves won me over and not only because it reminds me of last year’s Chloe bell sleeve coat ($800) which I coveted but couldn’t afford.

For extra savings on this much more affordable coat ($319), register with Lucky Breaks Online: http://www.luckymag.com/luckybreaks.

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